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On the evening of March 19, vivo held a new product launch conference in wuzhen, and officially launched the new generation of vivo X21 flagship mobile phone, featuring the full screen of banghai, double photo and HiF reprinted from the computer Pepsi network I. Compared with the previous generation vivo X20 released in September last year, it has changed its appearance, experience and other aspects.So, is vivo X21 worth buying?Below we are reproduced from the computer Pepsi net to pass the vivo X21 evaluation, a comprehensive understanding.

  • vivo X21 Screen fingerprint evaluation

  • Vivo X21 focuses on young consumers and is still featured by Eddie peng, Lu Han and zhou dongyu.Next, let’s first look at the vivo X21 parameter configuration, the price is reproduced from the Pepsi grid of the computer, the launch time and other information, as shown in the table below.
  • The vivo X21 parameter configuration is reproduced from the computer Pepsi net and from the computer Pepsi net screen size 6.28 inches 2280×1080 pixels (Super AMOLED)Full screen) has translated from the network reproduced from computer PepsiCo network computer CPU model qualcomm Xiao dragon 660 eight nuclear (64) since the network reproduced from computer PepsiCo network computer RAM memory 6 gb reproduced from the computer network the network reproduced from computer PepsiCo ROM store 64 gb / 128 gb (maximum support 256 gb memory expansion) translated from the network reproduced from computer PepsiCo network computer rear camera specification lead 2400 and 24 million + 5 million dual cameras reproduced from the network reproduced from computer PepsiCo network computer battery capacity is 3200 mah, support quick charge) translated from the computerFormat all the network reproduced from computer PepsiCo network netcom (double card double stay) OS 4.0 Funtouch OS 4 (based on the Android 8.1) fuselage size 154.45 x 74.78 x 7.37 mm (156.2 g) fuselage color ice auger black, white, ruby red aurora (glass body) reference price 2898 yuan / 3198 yuan / 3598 yuan mobile phone features full screen, screen fingerprint (fingerprint identification), dual cameras, Hi – Fi, Face Wake facial recognition
  • In terms of price, vivo X21 has two versions to choose from. One is vivo X21 and the other is vivo X21 UD.
  • Appearance improvement vivo X21 appearance evaluation

  • Vivo X21
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  • In terms of appearance, vivo X21 is divided into ordinary version and screen fingerprint version. The ordinary version is non-screen fingerprint design, which is still similar to vivo X20.
  • The vivo X21 screen fingerprint is designed with an underscreen fingerprint. There is no traditional fingerprint sensor on the back, and the back is more simple.Reprinted from the computer Pepsi net from the computer Pepsi net
  • The vivo X21 ordinary version and the screen fingerprint master if the fingerprint identification design is different, other aspects are exactly the same.On the positive side, both the vivo X21 and the screen fingerprint edition are copied from the full-screen design at 19:9 on the Pepsi website. Compared with the previous generation’s full-screen X20 at 18:9, the body is much longer.In addition, the front of the X21 also adopted this year’s popular full-screen liu hai from the Pepsi network, plus a narrower jaw design, the screen accounted for more than 90% of the total, compared with previous products, the screen accounted for a significant increase.This is from Pepsi
  • In addition to a change in the overall screen design, the vivo X21 USES this year’s more popular glass fuselage design, while the previous generation X20 was made of metal.Vivo X2 is reproduced from the 3D lake glass on the back of the computer Pepsi Max. 1. The vertical fingerprint design is still made of metal in the middle frame.
  • vivo X21 Screen fingerprint front

  • vivo X21 The back of the screen fingerprint

  • In other respects, the vivo X21 has a larger rounded Angle, which is better integrated with the outline of the fuselage and has a better visual effect.In addition, SIM card slot is also rare to be reprinted from the side of the computer Pepsi network and moved to the bottom of the fuselage.Unfortunately, the bottom of the vivo X21 is still a traditional Micro USB port that is reprinted from the Pepsi network, rather than the popular USB type-c interface that supports forward and backward plug
  • Vivo X21
    Wholesale Price:$ 255.00