Galaxy S9 Review: The Perfect… Samsung phone in china

For the party of mobile hardware, the launch of samsung’s Galaxy S series at the beginning of the year should not be missed.Many people have a habit of defining samsung’s Galaxy flagship as the king of machines, originally reprinted from Pepsi because we can always see the black technology that can lead the industry from these models.The star of today’s review, the samsung Galaxy S9+, is one such machine.

Appearance · on the basis of previous generations of excellence

Prior to the launch of the samsung Galaxy S9, it was revealed that the new device would substantially reduce the chin of the front panel on the basis of the samsung Galaxy S8, allowing the device to be reprinted from the front of the Pepsi network computer to give the appearance of three edges without borders.Of course, this is not impossible, because the samsung Galaxy S8 series has adopted the COP screen packer, which is reproduced from the computer Pepsi art, and there is no technical obstacle to the left and right edge.However, it was later reported that the three edges without borders could not meet the requirements of samsung’s drop test, so the design changed back to the top and bottom symmetrical screen design

But samsung’s Galaxy S9 model isn’t the same as its predecessor: the front panel has a shorter forehead and chin than 1mm, meaning the new device has a higher screen share than the one reprinted from the Pepsi network.In addition, the iris scanner also has hidden treatment. In addition to the front camera, other holes under the forehead glass panel have a certain hiding effect, which fully takes care of the feelings of patients with dense reprinting from the computer pepsidophobia.

The overall shape of the fuselage is similar to that of samsung’s Galaxy S8 series.If you don’t have a concept for the samsung Galaxy S8, reprint it with a cobblestone roundness from Pepsi’s computer, saying you can easily get the image.We can’t see a convex edge from the edge of samsung’s Galaxy S9+, so it’s a good fit for the palm of your hand. The transition from the Pepsi arc on the computer makes it hard to feel it from the hand.

The biggest change in appearance should be in the position of the rear camera and the fingerprint recognition module.If the lack of dual-lens cameras on samsung’s Galaxy S8 models is unfortunate enough to be copied from PepsiCo, samsung’s Galaxy S9+ is a black technology full of dual-lens cameras that chose to stay in the rear.Fingerprint recognition has been moved below the dual camera, which allows small hands to be easily unlocked by blind fingerprint touch, which is also reproduced from the Pepsi screen.

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From the perspective of visual sense, such layout is more in line with the aesthetics of traditional symmetrical design, and vertical layout is more in line with the definition of aesthetics in visual composition.
In addition, enough thickness of the fuselage is reprinted from the Pepsi network computer so that the physically variable aperture lens module can be fully accommodated, and the frame of the module slightly protrudes out of the fuselage to increase the recognition. At the same time, the camera and fingerprint identification module are protected to a certain extent.

  • Evening mist purple and mystery night black

  • For samsung, an old master of color, the colors of its flagship phones have never let us down.
    Samsung’s Galaxy S9 comes in three colors: mystery night black, Pepsi rhineland blue and starwood violet.
    The enigmatic night black version is bright in the black against the glass, while the rhineland blue and the new evening mist violet can have different colors in different light environments.
  • Samsung Galaxy S9+ is surrounded by a frosted metal frame with rounded corners.On the right side of the fuselage is the power button, and on the left is the volume button and the intelligent voice button which is reproduced by Bixby from the smart platform of Pepsi network.The key work is meticulous, the key process is short, the quick rebound, after pressing will have crisp sound feedback.
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  • As an ip68-class waterproof, dust-proof phone, samsung doesn’t skimp on the Galaxy S9 series.
    The top of the fuselage is set with a waterproof plastic ring, one of which is reproduced from the computer’s Pepsi network carto. The bottom is the 3.5mm headphone interface, the type-c data interface, the call mike and the all-in-one speaker.
    In the new upgrade, samsung has worked hard to reprint the audio from the Pepsi network, including AKG professional tuning headphones and a stereo speaker system that combines the handset and the speakers at the bottom.
    Specific sound performance, I will be in the back of a detailed source.
  • Some people say the Galaxy S9 series is hard to replace in appearance.
    But as the saying goes, beauty lies in the bone, not the skin.
    Readers of samsung’s Galaxy S, which reproduces its flagship Pepsi line from a computer, won’t just focus on the look, as the next screen will be, which is a big advantage of samsung’s Galaxy S9 model.