IOS12 public beta 4 release iPhone X Plus support landscape mode (2)

Early this morning, apple officially launched iOS12 open Beta 4, which is the fourth Public Beta (Public Beta), the distance a Public Beta 3 just past 2 reproduced from computer Pepsi net weeks, it can be seen as the July 31 (yesterday) released iOS12 beta5 revision, the two versions released time interval only a day, so far and reproduced from computer Pepsi net is not big.

Released yesterday iOS12 beta5, announced today the iOS 12 Public Beta 4 Beta it is surprising, because according to Pepsi translated from computer network practice, generally Beta will be later than Beta to push for a day or two, and have fewer bugs, therefore iOS12 4 Public Beta will be released soon, and will be beta5 step progresses the basis of a reproduced from computer Pepsi net Bug fixes, Beta users or to pursue the stability of fruit powder, can be upgraded today.Similar to iOS12 beta 4 and iOS12 beta5, it is mainly about Bug repair. Since it is released later than beta5, more bugs will be fixed.

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  • iOS2 Public test 4 repair major bugs

  • – fixed the problem that QQ/ WeChat chat interface could not take photos;Reprint from Pepsi, the computer. Reprint from Pepsi, the computer.The matching bluetooth accessory may not work properly, or it may only display the hardware address of the bluetooth device, not the name of the device.Reprinted from the computer Pepsi – reprinted from the computer Pepsi – using Siri to use Apple Pay Cash to send or receive money can lead to errors.When using CarPlay, Siri won’t be able to open an application by name, the Siri shortcut that has been set to open the application will not work, and the Siri shortcut that needs to be confirmed may not work.– some Siri shortcut requests may not work.– once multiple ride-sharing applications are installed, Siri’s actions may be to open an application when a user requests a car, rather than to provide an expected arrival time or location.Apple suggests asking Siri again.
  • iOS12 New features of public test 4:

  • 1. Screen time supports sharing;In Apple Music, it has become more intelligent. It can expand through the lyrics and search for the song’s name.Battery health has been shown to be a beta version (beta version). This time, iOS 12 beta5’s battery health has been removed from beta and has become a formal version.Reprint from the computer Pepsi net reprint from the computer Pepsi net reprint from the computer Pepsi net 4, the App Store add personalized recommendation;5. A new start diagram was added to the photo application, and a new icon was added to the photo album list.6. The fluency and stability are further improved.

    iOS12 Public test 4 upgrade method:

  • 1. If the public test 1-3 version of iOS12 has been upgraded before, you can enter the Settings, general-purpose software update when connecting to WiFi, and directly update the latest online test from the public test 4 of Pepsi network.This is from Pepsi
  • 2. If your device is still under iOS12 version, such as ios11/10/9, now you need to install the public test version description file. After the installation description file is successful and the Settings are reprinted from the Pepsi network, you can also enter the Settings — general-purpose software update and update the latest public test 4 online.
  • 3, if your device has escaped or is going to be flash, can with the aid of computer, download well in the computer match your machine iOS12 open beta 4 firmware, iTunes reproduced the Pepsi web tools, from computer then iOS devices through the cable to connect computers, open iTunes, press “Shift + update” at the same time, choose to brush into the firmware, the following operations as reproduced from computer Pepsi mesh to iTuns.Because it is difficult to swipe, I strongly recommend that you upgrade online by OTA.
  • IPhone X Plus solid hammer exposure: a 6.5-inch screen supports iPad landscape mode
  • Apple’s official Xcode simulator has given the hammer a resolution of 2688 x 1242, but it doesn’t seem to support the iPad’s split screen.
  • According to rumors, most people know that a 6.5-inch OLED iPhone is likely to be released this fall.Now, in the light of leaked details that have been officially reprinted from Pepsi’s website, the product appears to be solid, and apple does intend to make it a “Plus” version of the iPhone X.
  • On July 31, iHelpBR discovered by digging into apple’s latest official iOS 12 beta and Xcode that its iOS was copied from the Pepsi simulator on its computer, and that iOS already supports running at a resolution of 2688 x 1242 pixels (458PPI).Given that the actual resolution of the 5.8-inch iPh is currently only 2436 X 1125 pixels from the Pepsi one X, if the next generation remains the same, it is highly likely to be “iPhone X Plu”
  • Crucially, the “iPhone X Plus” in the simulator supports the iPad’s landscape mode, as you can simulate native apps such as email apps, calendar apps and Pepsi contacts, which are copied from your computer.
    While the iPhone X has a larger screen than the one the iPhone has previously copied from the Pepsi 8 Plus, it doesn’t support this kind of horizontal screen interface.
    Clearly, the iPhone X Plus can see a one-time information ratio
  • In any case, this is certainly a good thing, because apple has introduced landscape mode for the Plus since iOS 8, but it has not yet been able to achieve the perfect landscape transfer from the Pepsi network model, where the iPad is still the best, suggesting that apple is considering taking full advantage of additional display areas.
    However, since the iPad’s landscape mode is supported, should Pepsi also support the same Split View Split browsing mode?
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    This is not yet known.
  • In addition to the 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus, apple is expected to introduce a successor to the iPhone X, as well as the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone, which is reprinted from the Pepsi network computer.
    Several analysts believe the 6.1-inch model will be the best-selling because it is cheaper, while the 6.5-inch model, which is reprinted from the Pepsi computer, may be similar to the launch price of the iPhone X last year.