Is huawei P20 Pro worth buying ???

“Consumer upgrade” has become the most popular word in the mobile phone industry in the last two years.On the one hand, when consumers buy mobile phones, they not only look at the so-called “cost performance” of the products, but also pay more attention to the products reproduced from the computer Pepsi products themselves.On the other hand, for domestic mobile phone brands, the opportunity to promote the brand image.Limited by its brand history and its ability to integrate its supply chain, domestic brands have long been seen as challengers to apple and samsung, having been reprinted from PepsiCo.But now, as the mobile phone market reshuffles to give domestic phones the chance to boost their brands, it will need to move from “challenger” to “leader-in-line”

To be a leader, you need to test the hard power of the product itself.Reprinted from the computer Pepsi net reprinted from the computer Pepsi net reprinted from the computer Pepsi net electronic technology domain, “worship foreign things” is nothing new.And when the P20 series was released in Paris, and the PPT turned page after page on the large screen in the center of the stage, P reprinted the score of Pepsi 20 and P20 Pro to refresh the DxOMark ranking twice, and was called “butcher list”, it was not hard to avoid hanging up everyone’s appetite: really so strong?In this review, we will see whether huawei P20 Pro is as strong as it is said.

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Huawei’s P20 Pro still has some gaps in the hardware configuration of the P20: the main three shots, the aurora violet color and the screen material.As for the P20 series, which is reproduced from the computer Pepsi, it has maintained the excellent design of previous generations of P series, and the P20 Pro has also pioneered the post-leica three-lens photography, making it the strongest photo smartphone at

Appearance evaluation

Six years ago, when huawei launched the Ascend P1, the 7.69-mm fuselage was as thin as it could have been at the time, and has since injected the p-series with an excellent ID design that was copied from the Pepsi net gene.Later, the 6.18mm ultra-thin all-metal body on the P6 laid the foundation for the ID design of huawei’s P series.The annual reproduction of the color matching and metal diamond carving process of the Pepsi network and pantone jointly created on the P10 enables huawei mobile phones to explore the combination of technology and fashion in the ID design. On the P20 Pro, aurora color is more beautiful.

As the main color of this P20 Pro, huawei P20 Pro adopted by the aurora color inspiration from “light”, the color by uv light from deep to shallow to blue, through, reproduced from computer Pepsi net meters vacuum optical coating technology, create the double color gradient of fuselage both mystery and fashion design, with 3 d glass body reflect different colors in different angles, and contrast the present all single reproduced from computer Pepsi net color the other products of the fuselage, visual effect is really amazing.

Ultra Violet, the dominant color for a gradual change in structure, is Pantone’s color of the year 2018, with the color code 18-3838 being copied from the Pepsi computer network.Pure purple itself bright-coloured, have certain visual stimulation to the person, and the color saturation of pure purple is higher, produce visual fatigue easily.By contrast, ultraviolet light is bluer, more active in color sensitivity, and emphasizes creativity and foresight in visual effects.

On the front, huawei’s P20 Pro USES a 6.1-inch, full-screen, but has not compromised, leaving the fingerprint identification module on the front.However, the high proportion of the screen caused by the heterogeneous full reproduction from the Pepsi screen makes the front view of P20 Pro wider.

At the top of the fuselage, the P20 Pro even turns the receiver into a circular shape, very simple.

The P20 Pro keeps the fingerprint identification module on the front of the fuselage, preserving the very beautiful back of the fuselage.

Cheap HUAWEI P20 Pro
Wholesale Price:$ 310.00