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On the evening of March 19, vivo held a new product launch conference in wuzhen, and officially launched the new generation of vivo X21 flagship mobile phone, featuring the full screen of banghai, double photo and HiF reprinted from the computer Pepsi network I. Compared with the previous generation vivo

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The new full-screen generation is the mainstream of the mobile phone market in 2018, and all mobile phone manufacturers are trying to bring the new full-screen experience to users at all price levels.Vivo, of course, does not have to be reprinted outside the Pepsi network. While its flagship X21|X21 screen

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It’s 2018 and Edgeless Borderless Bezel-less Notch-Wielding Smartphones are here to stay! Update: We’ve updated this article to include all the latest bezel-less phones that have flooded the market recently. Looking for the old Top 10? More smartphones added every week! Android Makers are going Notch Crazy! Love the Notch? Hate