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News of Samsung working on its own GPU for mobile devices resurrected rumors of a gaming-centric Samsung phone coming soon. Neither of this is actually new but the timing seems almost perfect. Huawei just rolled out a “GPU Turbo” update, Apple is also rumored to be designing its own graphics

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WE REVIEW THE P20 LITE! Huawei’s on fire with their P20 series of phones. The P20 Pro is one of the most revolutionary phones we’ve ever used in the past few years, and the company hopes that some of the magic that made their latest flagship great rubs off on the P20


A CLOSER LOOK AT ASUS’ NEW ULTRABOOK We were in Taiwan a couple of weeks ago to check out what Asus had to show off to the world at COMPUTEX 2018. While all eyes were understandably on the company’s new gaming phone, a couple of other releases may have fallen

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PROS Nice design details Exceptionally comfortable Rich, balanced sound (for a gaming headset) CONS Limited lighting effects No wireless connectivity No physical volume controls Buggy lighting control software KEY FEATURES Review Price: £124.99/163 7.1 virtual surround sound PC, Mac, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 & mobile support 50mm Asus Essence drivers