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SAMSUNG GALAXY S9 VS GALAXY S8: WHAT’S NEW IN SAMSUNG’S LATEST FLAGSHIP AND SHOULD YOU UPGRADE? As MWC 2018 kicks off in Barcelona, Samsung has returned to the event to unveil its latest duo of flagship smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9+ represent updates to our favourite

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The world of smartphones has polarised in the past few years into two distinct factions: Apple or Samsung. Of all the manufacturers, there are two choices customers are faced with: walk the iPhone path or go with Samsung. Both shipped over 70 million devices in Q4 2017, occupying the top spots in smartphone market share according to IDC. Both offer an exceptional

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The Galaxy S8+ is like an S7 Edge that went away for the summer holidays and hit puberty. It’s taller, slimmer, and with good looks guaranteed to turn heads at the water fountain. Or wherever else you take it out of your pocket. DESIGN AND BUILD After the Galaxy Note