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The new full-screen generation is the mainstream of the mobile phone market in 2018, and all mobile phone manufacturers are trying to bring the new full-screen experience to users at all price levels.Vivo, of course, does not have to be reprinted outside the Pepsi network. While its flagship X21|X21 screen fingerprint edition continues to sell well, it also brings new choices to the market and consumers — vivo X21i.A lot of friends are wondering, what is the actual performance of this mobile phone?Is this vivo X21i worth buying?So here’s the answer, reprinted from Pepsi’s vivo X21i review.

Appearance: the new generation full screen + glass body, the appearance level is very high.Vivo X21i, the “immediate family” of vivo X21, has also been reprinted from the computer Pepsi net, which is very eye-catching.Vivo X21i comes in three colors: ruby red, polar night black and aurora white.This time the main character is the unique gem red.The box is very similar to that of vivo X21i, and when you open the box of tiandi cover, you will find the same parts inside.The main body of vivo X21i mobile phone is on the left, and the data line is at the bottom.Pick up the card on the right and place the 18W quick charge and vivo’s exclusive headphones.

Vivo X21 6GB 128GB with lowest price in China

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Vivo X21 USES four-curved 3D glass body design, vivo X21i USES 2.5-d glass body design.The fuselage is similar to the flat glass cover plate reproduced by iPhon from the computer Pepsi net e X, rather than the thin vision of vivo X21 aurora micro arc design. However, the thickness of the ultra-thin fuselage of 6.99mm is also surprising.However, the glass back cover of the Pepsi X21i, reproduced by vivo, seamlessly connects to the round middle frame, making it very comfortable to hold.This is from Pepsi

Gemstone red USES a new color process of coating and silk-screen printing.With glass body photograph cooperate, give a person a kind of mirror like the visual effect, dreamlike glass is reproduced from the computer Pepsi net.While vivo doesn’t position the vivo X21i as a gradient phone, flipping the phone over can sometimes even have a deep or shallow gradient, which is very nice.This is from PepsiAuthor: xiao wang digital

Vivo X21i’s rear-facing camera is in the upper left corner, arranged in vertical rows.To its credit, the vivo X21i’s dual camera is not as high as other phones.The flash is reproduced from the bottom of the Pepsi camera, while the fingerprint identification module and the vivo Logo are placed in the middle, and the SIM card slot is moved from the bottom of the fuselage to the left of the fuselage.In terms of the fuselage ID design, the v is reproduced from the Pepsi ivo X21i computer to achieve the current appearance level peak, very bright eyes.This is from Pepsi

Turn to the front and light up the screen, the new generation of full screen still shocked the vision.
If you have seen vivo X21, you will also find that the screen of vivo X21i is almost reprinted from the computer. Pepsi is the “twin” of vivo X21.
The 6.28-inch screen, with a slim 19.9-inch screen, 90.3 percent of the ultra high screen, and an ultra-narrow u-shaped slot and chin, is almost identical to those of the vivo X21 on the Pepsi computer.
This is from Pepsi

In “the glory of the king,” vivo 21i’s first impression is that it’s extremely fluid.When the game is loaded, the speed of vivo X21i is very fast, and it often needs to be reprinted from the computer Pepsi network teammates to complete the loading.In a war against Japan, whether it’s a one-to-one one-on-one hit or a multiplayer group, it’s easy, stress-free, and can run for 60 frames.It has been observed that the frame rate of vivo X21i is very stable, and it can be maintained at least 57 frames, with high fluency.The 19:9 screen ratio is much more visible, and the experience is far from the traditional 16:9 mobile phone from the computer Pepsi can be compared.ease contact us for authorization for commercial reproduction.

In real games, vivo X21i is also very fluid.Fast running, jumping over obstacles, moving from side to side, crawling forward, all of these movements are silky smooth transfer from the computer Pepsi net.However, in such scenes as shooting in the open mirror and fighting close to the body, vivo X21i’s images are both smooth and natural, with no dizziness after playing for a long time, and the operation of rapid reaction is timely and fast.This is from Pepsi